About us

The company "AL MAX" Ltd was established in 1997 with main activity the production of aluminum and PVC windows, adjoining accessories and glass units.
During the years we established ourselves with our professionalism and high quality production and we expanded the production of our products with installation of glass , doors and shower enclosures, facades and etalbond.
Guarantee of reliability and quality of our products are our partners the German concern REHAU established manufacturer of polymer products, ETEM - a leading manufacturer of aluminum systems and MAKO - Austria high quality door and window hardware.

"AL MAX" Ltd is a REHAU’s authorized partner.

Our main priority is to expand the sales network in different regions of the country. In 2000 year opened office in Vratsa. Regional offices successfully offer our products and their relatives cities, covering a major part of Bulgaria. Since 1999 year the company has its own workshop for production of aluminum and PVC profiles and glass windows. The result of our activities the company "Al Max" Ltd. has a well developed network of clients, continuously working on expanding it with modern marketing.
The company "Al Max" Ltd is using its own finances, continuously improve service quality and productions with seminars and presentations of new products.
"Al Max" Ltd provides solid support, quality service and reliability to its customers. The company provides a 24 month warranty and servicing of finished outputs.
Based on the experience with years of experience and professionalism, we can say that the company "AL MAX" Ltd meets the various requirements exactly, "according to your taste" ... because each client is different in its own way. That willingness to dialogue and to find individual decision makes us a competent and reliable partner.