ETEM Aluminum profiles

Company "AL MAX" Ltd. offers aluminum windows with brand Etem.
The aluminum profiles can easily take various shapes and sizes. There is also an extremely wide range of colors and wood design painting from the RAL catalog. The greatest advantage of the aluminum frame is its lifetime.

The aluminium profiles are two kinds:

  • Thermo-break window – achieved better heat-insulating and avoid condensation. The improvement is due to the placement of PVC inserts in the aluminum profile, which does not allow heat to pass through between the aluminum inside and out. Extremely effective solution for your home or office.
  • thermal bridge system (no isolation) -  aluminum lightweight construction which looks beautiful and elegant. Problems with no isolation aluminum profile are condensation in sudden temperature variations.

Windows systems ЕТЕМ:

  • Е 1000 - Two types of line – straight and curved design

Optimized for the proportion of highest structural stability while using lowest amount of aluminium. The system allows execution of fixed and opening parts. Opening at vertical axis, tilt and turn widows. Suitable for front shop windows and interior doors.

Max. window sizes 1.5 x 2.5 m

  • Е 2300 - Simple system for swing doors – Universal type of profiles – main profile identical with brush holder for frame and sash – Secure and reliable hinges Justor – Special brushes with polyethilene parts against deformation after wetting – Possibility to add display windows by means of a single profile

  • Е 45 – Thermo-break window system with improved performance.

RAL catalogue color choice optionaland wood design painting. Windows can be produced with hardware for PVC windows. The advantages are multipoint locking, adjustment of the hinges and expeditious installing.Maximal structure stability.

  • Е 75 - is a system corresponding to the most modern requirements of thermal insulation, functionality and aesthetics.

Excellent thermal insulation from 1,1 W/m²K

Elegant straight design – 75 mm system width

39 mm wide polyamide bars

Additional insulator in the thermo-break area

Possibility of mounting anti-burglar hardware

Co-extruded central gasket

Additional insulator under the glass