A new dimension in window construction. Fully sheathed window profile of high-tech material RAU-FIPRO®.GENEO® is the best window system in the energy point of view which is currently offered on the market in the construction width 86 mm. Profiles GENEO ® are realized most energy-efficient windows in their class. They create a cozy environment you've always wanted.

  • Number of chambers: 6 chambers.
  • Thermal insulation: Uf = 0,85 W / m²K.
  • Saved energy: to 76% (in comparison with wood window/PVC window with Uw =2,7 W/m²K).
  • Material: Composite fibrous material RAU-FIPRO ®, coextruded bench of high-RAU-PVC for the best surface quality.
  • Noise reduction: Class of protection against noise 5 (VDI 2719).
  • Protection against housebreaking: Class of protection against housebreaking 2 without reinforcement.
  • Fully reinforcement system with no further iron armature.


  • For new buildings.
  • High quality the materials and construction, demonstrated by many tests.
  • Visible width of 115 mm for optimal light.
  • A light assembly by up to 40% weight advantage over conventional window systems.
  • Functional thermo cameras to optimize the insulation properties.
  • Reduce the pressure by closing the window and thus greatly facilitate any such opening and closing with the new geometry of the compression.

Profiles' color. REHAU profiles’ colors are diverse. You have a choice of colors and wood sets. The variants of coating of PVC profile:

  • one side colored profile – white on one side and colored on the other side
  • colored profile

The standart colors:

Gold oak


Dark oak

Boggy oak

Dark brown

Walnut color

Grey ( only with one side colored profile)

Grey anthracite ( only with colored profile )

Dark green (only with one side colored profile )