Glass windows

Glass windows are imposed on the market in recent years to glazing of shops, offices, banks as a trendy and functional method that provides maximum visibility and light in the room.

The glass windows are made of two types of glass:

  • Single float glass, which is the most common glass thickness 20 mm is recommended that it be tempered;
  • triplex with various thickness from 6 mm to 12 mm, and possibly a combination of opening and fixed parts. Triplex in a collision is cracked, but not falling apart.

Colors of glass windows is 6 standard colors with the possibility of frost on the glass, which can make different shapes, inscriptions and ornaments of glass. Matting is done by sandblasted.
One of the most popular methods for the construction of a glass window is by mounting on aluminum profile. This type of system is used for external and internal glazing. The aluminum profile can be a different color from the RAL catalog

Opening sistem of the glass windows are several types, the most basic are:

  • gliding system with installing a mobile and a fixed part, while gliding a mobile part disappears in front of or behind a fixed part.. Here is a profile of the upper grip.
  • the system type "harmonica" in her the glass walls are held together by rail to the lower profile, while otvyaryaneto be folded into one another.